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Webinar Recording:

Deliver Impact
with Interactive Ads

Co-presented by Facebook & Shuttlerock

Discover how Facebook's Interactive ad formats empower brands to go beyond the realms of passive ad creation into a world of participation and immersion, placing your audience in the driving seat.

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As the digital advertising arena becomes increasingly saturated, the challenge for Brands to grab and hold viewer attention is paramount.

Interactive ads are the solution to winning on the audience engagement front; increasing brand awareness and share of market in an increasingly competitive digital space.

If you've been thinking about adding Interactive ad formats to your creative advertising strategy, or you just want to learn more, watch this webinar co-hosted by Facebook & Shuttlerock to take the first step into the immersive world of Interactive ads.

Facebook Official Creative Partner

In this webinar you will learn:

- Statistically-backed reasons why Brands should add Interactive ad formats to their creative advertising strategy;

- How Interactive ads fit into and complement your existing ad strategy;

- Different types of Interactive ad formats currently available on Facebook & Instagram;

- Creative best practices when creating Interactive ads;

- A look at some 2021 emerging Interactive ad formats, such as AR, VR and other futuristic fun;

- How to get started with Interactive ads today.

Presented by:

Jimmy Lee

Jimmy Lee

Cam Burns

Cam Burns

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This webinar is proudly brought to you by a creative partnership between Facebook and Shuttlerock.